What's your idea to Chill Out?

How many times you just want to go somewhere but have no idea where to go to?

That feeling is the soul of a traveler seeking for some adventures, the quest for something new. In the people, in the experiences you get for living in this beautiful world! We put together some ideas for cities we've been or country's we experienced!

Be free to share your toughs, travels and experiences. What places you were able to chill out? What places you couldn't get enough of. Where do you never want to come back to! Life is about sharing! Enjoy life, enjoy traveling!

  • Be Extreme! ( 2 Articles )
    Be Extreme!Go Radical
    Share your experiences on the best places to just get free and reach the limits! Adrenaline is body's natural way to pump our veins, makes us believe we are strong and truly refreshes our spirit! It can be Surf, Body board, Skate, Ski, Climbing, Hiking or Trekking, whatever makes you feel alive we support it!
  • In The Wild ( 3 Articles )
    In The WildGo Wild
    Never wanted to just go out there and enjoy the nature? This is what this ideas are all about! Get out there, try camping along the way to a big travel, try to go on a low budget experiencing the interior regions of the countries you visit to get a real life perspective on how locals are and what it makes them unique.
  • Get In Love ( 2 Articles )
    Get In LoveEnjoy Together
    Love is the best thing in the world! Some places just exalt passion everywhere around, from the cuisine to the romantic corners, every city as it's escapes! So don't hold yourself when choosing what you need, try the most dazzling experiences, spicy things up with a bit of adrenaline and adventure!
  • Urban Chill ( 2 Articles )
    Urban ChillerUrban Rocks
    Urban centers can inspire the most creative minds, get ready to embrace culture! The sounds of streets, the craziness of crowds, the busy districts and cultural landmarks spread around. Every city exalts monuments of the great past combined with vanguard movements of art!
  • Funny Summer ( 2 Articles )
    Summer rhymes with fun! With beach and chill out! With coffee and outdoor festivals. Europe is a continent of diversity and cultural pots. From history to art, tradition to gastronomy. Don't stay at home wondering when you will get your change...the time is now! Enjoy a Funny Summer!

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