Chill Attitude, What it takes to be a Chiller?


We love to travel, to meet new people, discover new places and CHILL OUT!!

Enjoy yourself in meeting the world outisde your backyard!! Don't think twice and go!


e free. This is the first principale of being a chiller. Inspire something new, searchfor a different thing. In the wild, in the city, when diving into the ocean or walking in a green field until the skyline.


espect the others. Our freedom ends when reaching other's freedom. Nobody should be selfish enough to think is better than anyone else. We believe we are all human beings, no matter where you come from, what you believe in, what's your favorite colour... We are all equal! When you go somewhere new, everything is refreshing, but never forget that the city and its people were already there! Everyday! So always respect the locals or their traditions and believes.


ave a good time! After all you are on traveling! Enjoy yourself. No matter what the situation bring try to keep your head cool and enjoy the ride!


eet new people!! 1st lesson of a new country: Nobody knows you!! So if you are kind of shy or afraid of getting embaressed by meeting someone don't be... If you say something strange its most likely that you will never see that person again!


on't Sleep! Yes, we believe in a sleep less policy for those visiting new countries! We don't want you to stay 72h without sleeping! NO!! That's quite danger for your body and mental sanity! But our experience in travelling tell us that sometimes when the weather is not good, or we are just feeling sleepy we like to stay at home! It's at that moment that the sleep less policy is raised to keep the morale of the group!! GO OUT! Take a umbrela if its rainning, but don't stay at your hotel or apartment room watching TV...You have plenty of that back home!!!


e GREEN! I still can't figure a reason why a person doesn't try to become more and more green everyday. If you are reading this is because you have internet, if you have internet you should get informed as much as possible! So don't turn your face to the other side when it comes to reclycing, using energy effecticent lamps and avoing long-term water wastes! This are just 3 simple things, its not like you have to become a 100% Green person from one day to the other...but try starting by this 3 simple things and the world will be a better place for you and the generations to come.

Go out and discover this beautiful world we live in!

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